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Meet Some of the HFA Management Team

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you let it.

Healthcare Financial Assistance offers a broad portfolio of early out healthcare solutions.

Our highly motivated staff and over 30 years experience ensures we will conquer your revenue cycle challenges and exceed your expectations.

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The origin of HFA started modestly over 45 years ago with one man -- Joseph C. Messina (Joe).

Fresh out of college, Joe received an offer to work for a nationwide receivables management firm with a local branch in Louisiana.  

He immediately acquired a passion for the industry and displayed an acumen for delivering top results. 

Within a few years, he achieved the position of Branch Manager.

Obtaining large responsibilities at such a young age taught him valuable lessons about management, leadership, and team-building.

He also noticed many shortcomings of large, national firms.

  • Client service was neglected and/or limited.
  • More money went to marketing versus operations.
  • Innovation was slow with lots of red tape.
  • ‘Low-bidding’ and acquisitions were strategies for growth versus healthy, long-term relationships.
  • A culture that valued profits over compliance.

After a few years, Joe innovated in the 1980's one of the first early-out programs.  It was designed to address the weaknesses of the typical collection agency approach while providing a cost-effective alternative to collecting receivables in-house.

He focused on doing things the right way and implementing his philosophy of greater client service, flexibility, and innovation.  

This was the inception of - Healthcare Financial Assistance, Inc..

Over the next 20 years, Joe leveraged his experience to create a winning formula for success

Before long, HFA grew into a regional firm with offices throughout the Gulf South.

Today, HFA is recognized nationwide for its relentless dedication to customer service, impeccable compliance record, and superior results.

You can trust we will continue navigating the challenges ahead and help your business do the same.


Healthcare Financial Assistance will define the future of debt collection in a manner that sets the highest standards for ethics, innovation, and performance.

Are Your Recoveries Healthy and Strong?


HFA is the premier provider of early out and pre-delinquency collection solutions to the healthcare industry.

With several former Business Office Directors on staff with over 75 years experience combined, nobody understands the challenges of managing patient receivables more than HFA.

If not, let us build a tailored approach that will reduce your costs and increase ROI.


Delivering superior results and exceeding expectations


Virtually all of HFA's programs are customized to your specific needs.  Here is a sample of solutions to help you increase revenues and reduce aging/costs.


Early-Out Self Pay Recovery

HFA assumes the role of your business office and encourages self-pay, patient friendly payment arrangements early in the billing cycle.  We utilize high impact letters and telephone contacts that immediately stimulates cash flow at a cost that is much more efficient than doing it internally.


Insurance Follow-Up

Imagine the time wasted by your staff on hold with insurance companies or trying to track down patients.  HFA leverages its strong relationships with insurance companies to help track current claim status and accelerate timely billing, resubmissions, and payment.  This frees up your employees to do more profitable and efficient activities that increase your ROI.


Payment Plan Monitoring

The healthcare provider or HFA establishes a repayment plan, and then we actively monitor the arrangements and account activity.


Bad Debt Collections / Collection Agency

Delinquent accounts require a comprehensive program that includes skiptracing, predictive dialing, credit bureau reporting, and special notices.  Let HFA utilize our full suite of cutting-edge collection tools to optimize collections for you.


Charity Care Processing/Approval

Healthcare providers are under increased pressure to provide affordable care to their communities.  The responsibility of "Charity Care" has been neglected or difficult for many providers to manage.  HFA has solved the problem by converting charity care policies into online portals that walk a patient step-by-step through the process.  All the data is accumulated electronically for efficient processing and reports.


Telebyte - Hosted Dialer Solutions

Maximizing contact WILL increase recoveries, so ask yourself -- Are you regularly calling your patients?  Are you doing it manually or with an automated dialer?  Could you make 1,000 calls in one hour?  Do you have the staffing, software, hardware, and phone lines necessary?   HFA offers the ability for healthcare providers to utilize powerful automated dialing tools on a variable cost basis.  There is no large investment of money, time, and resources in a new software/hardware installation.  Everything is scripted to your needs and managed by our staff to ensure tangible results.


Comprehensive Skiptracing

To generate contact with debtors, you often have to LOCATE them first.  HFA utilizes many of the same databases used by law enforcement to find people others can't and, thus, recover more money for you.



When legal action is necessary and authorized, HFA’s in-house attorneys will take the necessary steps required to secure collection of your receivables.

Meet Our Management Team

Joseph Messina, CEO

Joe is the sole owner and President of HFA.

He is actively involved in day-to-day operations and has over 40 years of experience in collections.

As mentioned in About Us, Joe began his career in the collection industry as a professional debt collector for a large nationwide entity.

The combination of experience from both large and small operations gave Joe invaluable insights.  His experience served as the catalyst for creating the ideal approach with his own firm.

In 1986, he created Healthcare Financial Assistance, Inc.

Over the past 40 years, Joe has been recognized nationally for his expertise in the industry.  He has been a speaker at many healthcare seminars and conferences, as well as being quoted in various trade periodicals.

Joe is an active member of ACA International, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), MGMA, SACUBO, TEC CEO Group, and the American Heart Association.  He is also a past president of the Louisiana Collectors Association.

Additionally, he serves on numerous committees and board of directors.

Jason Messina, CFO

Jason joined the firm in November 1997.  He currently coordinates and oversees all facets of daily operations.

Jason graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business.

After graduating, Jason began his career working with a Big 4 accounting firm and became a Certified Public Accountant.  He attained the position of audit manager and acquired extensive experience performing revenue cycle consulting within the healthcare industry.

Jason specializes in integrating the latest technology with our recovery methods to provide superior results to our clients.  He has also developed many of the specialty services we offer and leveraged many of the skills learned while working for one of the pre-eminent accounting firms in the world.

His knowledge and experience has been critical in developing superior outsourcing solutions based on each client's needs, philosophy, and the communities they serve. 

Jason is also active in numerous trade associations, which enables him to always be apprised of the latest technology and services available to our clients.

Kenny Naquin, Collections Manager

Kenny is our primary collection manager and possesses vast healthcare and revenue cycle experience.

Prior to joining HFA, Kenny spent 18 years serving in various capacities within the revenue cycle for several healthcare facilities.   He spent the majority of his career as Business Office Director for Memorial Hospital in Gulfport.

Kenny has a strong work ethic and proven his ability to positively impact our collection processes, staff, and results.

His depth of experience on the provider side enables us to further help our clients overcome the challenges in the ever-changing healthcare market. 

Lou Barovechio, Director Special Projects

Lou directs all our special services, especially for the healthcare industry.

Prior to joining HFA,  Lou served as Business Office Director for a major healthcare provider for over 25 years.

Throughout his career, Lou earned a reputation for innovation, attention to detail, and superior results. 

In addition to supervising special projects, he also spends time crafting seminars, consulting, and developing unique strategies to expedite insurance claim processing for our clients.

Lou is especially proficient in maximizing recoveries on insurance denials and Worker’s Compensation claims, which is a frequently overlooked source of additional revenue.   

Overall, Lou adds to the wealth of knowledge and experience that makes us uniquely qualified to perform collections for you.

We guarantee you will receive the highest quality service combined with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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